Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

When you’re wondering what type of battery charger to get, where to best place it, and what’s the best value of money charger, the expert team at Fastbit Batteries can help.

We’ll find out what you need the battery charger for. Work out the best place for it. We’ll chat about how you plan to charge your batteries, and how often. How much driving you are doing. And we’ll recommend the best value for money charger that’ll fit your budget.

So you’ll never have to worry about getting the wrong charger or paying too much. Our battery charger prices are the best in Cairns.

Battery charger experts

We can help if you need:

  • Battery setup for caravan

  • Battery charger and set up for your golf buggy

  • In-vehicle DC to DC charger

  • Value for money battery chargers

  • Best charger to use at home for your solar portable panel

  • To work out what type of battery charger you need for your camper trailer

  • Leads or cables

  • Best place to mount the charger to allow for good air circulation

  • The best set up so you get the quickest charge

What type of charger do I need?

You’ll find automatic chargers are the most convenient. Just plug in and it’ll do its thing. Manual chargers need more attention. The difference is in price: automatic chargers cost more than manual chargers.

To work out what size charger to buy, you need to know:

  1. Battery capacity

  2. How often you’ll charge (charging interval)

If you take out the RV on the weekend, or only a few seasons a year, a charger with an output current rating 10-14% of the battery’s rated 20 hour capacity will be enough.

When you need the battery recharged within 8-10 hours, a three stage, automatic charger, rated at 0% of the battery capacity may be needed.

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What charge rate should I look out for when choosing a charger?

Battery chargers are typically rated by their start rate - the rate measured in amperes (amps) the charger will supply at the start of the charge cycle.

When you’re choosing a charger, pick one between 10-14% of the battery’s 20 hour AH capacity.

For example: A battery with a 20-hour capacity rating of 225 AH will use a charger rated between 23-30 amps (for multiple battery charging, use the AH rating of the entire bank).

Charges with lower ratings can be used. But keep in mind this will increase the charging time.

Battery chargers: Tips and tricks

Charging a battery takes time. So plan extra time into your schedule when you set up your caravan or 4x4 battery bank.

For a flat battery (fully depleted), the battery will charge up quickly at first. It will then slow down. For an idea of how long it may take, 80% of your battery will be charged up in 20% of the total time it will take to completely charge your battery.

To cut down on charging time

If you are short on time, charge a few lower capacity batteries in parallel instead of one large battery of the same capacity. These will charge in less time than it would take to charge the large battery.

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