Dual Batteries & Accessories

Dual Batteries & Accessories

The only thing worse than a warm beer is a car that won’t start… especially when you’re going bush.

A dual battery (also called an ‘auxiliary battery’) can make that camping trip so much more comfortable. It can also keep you out of trouble in so many ways.

Apart from keeping your food from spoiling and your beer cool (pretty important, we know), a good dual battery is helpful:

  • To preserve your vehicle’s main starting battery

  • To run a fridge/freezer, camp lighting

  • To power devices like safety lights, camera and phone chargers, and and in-car entertainment systems when you’re parked.

The starting battery can easily power a few accessories while it’s running: your phone charger, GPS systems, lights, and radios. But you don’t want to risk getting stranded with a dead battery just to keep your lamb chops frozen!

Dual battery and accessories

We supply a range of dual batteries and accessories for a range of cars, according to your budget. These may include:

  • Battery systems

  • Battery chargers

  • Dual battery monitors

  • Booster kits

  • Dual battery isolator kits 

  • Isolator switches

  • Amp voltage reducer

  • Dual battery solenoids

  • Dual battery volt meters

  • Charger with solar input

  • Voltage sensitive relays

Speak to our knowledgeable team to make sure you have everything you need to power up all the important devices on your trip. 


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  • Expert advice

  • Best battery prices in Cairns

  • Battery recycling

  • Free battery testing drive in service

  • Product and service guarantee

Fast fit batteries, bunch of great guys always willing to lend a helping hand! Went way out of there way to give me and my mate a hand today, helping us replace a battery/ couple of mechanical things at my own cost, and also teaching us a easy tips about cars! Will do whatever it takes to get stuff right! Overall great guys that love a good chat! Will defiantly be going back again and again! Thanks heaps! - Aaron Winn Jones

Tips for a installing a dual battery

  • Install far away from hot engine components: batteries hate heat

  • Make sure fasteners and washers are large enough to spread the load across the panel work

  • Inspect areas for cracks or loosening: don’t buy cheap, poor quality products

  • Use a strong, fabricated steel tray fitted to your engine bay: one that can withstand strong vibrations

  • Place the trays into strong sections of your vehicle’s body shell to avoid sheet metal cracking or tearing

  • Look out for factory installed installations points

When there’s no room in the engine bay for another battery

A dual battery is typically placed in the engine bay. But many engines don’t actually have much room for another battery. A small battery isn’t much use powering a fridge. So it can make sense to have a separate, deep cycle battery. A deep cycle battery is designed to be charged and discharged repeatedly, so it’s perfect for running your extra devices.

  • There may not be room in the engine for a second battery if you’re not driving an SUV or truck: it may need to be placed in the passenger compartment or boot

  • Be careful about where you install the battery outside the engine: consider safety hazards such as leaking battery acid, fumes, overcharging, internal faults, and other factors

  • Use a tough, leak-proof box if it will be placed in the passenger area or boot

  • Be extra careful placing and wiring up your battery if it’s outside the engine

Feel free to contact us if you need a dual battery installed. Our expert team are always on hand to give you advice. Or we can quickly wire it up for you so you can get going right away.

Highly recommend Fast Fit. I had an issue with my dual battery set up no one else around town could sort out but Rocky and the team went above and beyond to get the issue sorted! Updated my old batteries at the same time for a great price! - Ryan Cooper

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