Battery Types

Battery Types

The right battery for whatever you need

You’ll find the right battery for any application at great prices. We stock a range of batteries at different voltages, capacity and weight. For both standby and cyclic use. Brands include:

  • Amaron

  • Schumacher

  • Neuton Power

  • Power Crank

  • Super Crank

Our strict selection criteria

We’re fussy with the products we’ll pass onto you. You can expect products that are:

  • Low - or maintenance-free (especially batteries)

  • High quality

  • Long lasting

  • Reliable

  • Backed by warranty

  • Non-hazardous

  • Reputable brands

  • Innovative technology

  • Safe

Batteries for many applications


We carry products to suit many cars from the day-to-day family car, right through to that collectible car you’ve been lovingly doing up over the past 10 years.

  • Common daily driven cars: Small and medium cars, 4x4x, SUVs

  • European cars

  • Exotic cars

  • Performance cars

  • Hot rods

  • Classic cars

  • Muscle cars

For your automotive needs, we stock batteries for both start stop and dual purpose.

Camping and deep cycle

Our team have helped many families prepare for big weekends away. It’s handy to have that second battery to keep the beers cool and the family warm. We stock quality batteries to give long lasting, reliable power to your vehicles, camper trailer or caravan.

We realise it can be a pain keeping your recreational vehicles in order until your next trip.

Ask us about our range of sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion free batteries that’ll keep everything in good working order without spending hours watering your batteries every month.

Thank you Rocko and the team of FastFit batteries for coming to the rescue. I love great service and reliable products and that's exactly what you guys provided! Well done  - Chantal Wharton

Commercial equipment

We understand the hassle, time and cost that downtime and failures can have on your business. You can depend on us to be there within 60 minutes to get your equipment back up and running asap!

We stock powerful, reliable batteries you can rely on to give your commercial equipment the grunt and reliability to carry your critical loads through the night.

Whatever battery you need, you can be sure we stock it. We look for high quality, heavy plate construction and durable case designs. 

When you need batteries to withstand a long day on the road, we’ve got you covered with batteries that are maintenance-free, corrosion free, and have a high reserve capacity.

Our heavy duty batteries will withstand the high-amp rapid recharge and high vibration your rig will be put through. There’s nothing worse than having to replace batteries with acid, switch over corroded cables, or replace batteries too soon because they weren’t up to the task.

You’ll find many sizes and brands to suit any commercial application such as:

  • Forklifts

  • Trucks

  • Tractors

  • Pallet jacks

  • Order pickers

  • Scissor & boom lifts

  • Floor scrubbers & burnishers

  • Message and electronic road signs

All batteries are carefully chosen to give you dependable, long lasting energy storage with the right voltage and size to suit your equipment.

Your batteries are backed by warranty. For your peace of mind, we have plenty of experience in dealing with warranty claims so you never have to worry about this process.

Our industrial range includes batteries such as Trojan batteries for electric vehicles, and Ritar for UPS and Standby needs.


Picture this: it’s finally boating season and you’re out on the water with your best mate on the fishing trip you’ve been planning for months. You’ve got the best seat on the deck. Life can’t get any better...

Next thing you know, your battery dies and you’re pretty much stranded and drifting on the waves.

Without the right back up battery and accessories before you push off, you’ll be left cursing at your tough luck and wishing you were more prepared.

We’ve got you covered.

Drop in and see us before your next trip out on the water, and we’ll load you up with everything you need.

You’ll find sealed, maintenance-free, corrosion-free batteries that’ll stand up to whatever the seas throw at them. We’ve got batteries and accessories for any boat:

  • Jet ski

  • Tinny

  • Bow rider

  • Fishing charter

  • Luxury yacht

You’ll find marine batteries such as Enirgi, Full River, and Trojan batteries that’ll take good care of all your Marine Starting, Dual Purpose, and Deep Cycle needs on the water.

Enirgi batteries

We’re authorised suppliers of Enirgi batteries in Cairns. We stand by these batteries.

Innovative technology and clever design features mean you’ll get a quality battery that’ll do whatever job you need it to do - and do it well - for a long time.

  • Maintenance free

  • Reliable

  • Long life

  • Vibration resistant

  • Heat resistant

  • Corrosion resistant

Amaron batteries

We're authorised suppliers of Amaron batteries in Cairns. These batteries are some of the best in the industry.

Amaron batteries provide the ultimate balance between quality and value, meaning you'll have a battery that you can always rely on to perform what you need.

  • Maintenance free

  • HTS alloy

  • Long life

  • High CCA

  • Rugged design

  • Great value


You’re covered with the most comprehensive mobile battery service in Cairns. Whatever your battery needs, we’re here for you:

  • Battery replacement service (supply and fit)

  • Same day delivery

  • 24/7 Emergency service: we’ll go to you

  • Fast service: 60 minute call out guarantee

  • Expert advice

  • Best battery prices in Cairns

  • Battery recycling

  • Free battery testing drive in service

  • Product and service guarantee

Awesome blokes, brilliant advice, and good old fashioned service. Sorted me out with a powertop battery supply and set up all the cabling at no charge. - Mark Chiciak

Drop into see us for your free battery check up today.

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