Solar Panels / Kits

Solar Panels / Kits

Getting solar panels installed is a great way to tap into a natural energy source: the sun. And we’re pretty fortunate to get lots of sunlight in Australia.

What we can help you with

Thinking of getting solar panels but not sure if it’s worth the cost?

What brands are good and how do the prices stack up?

Best ways to make sure your panels are secure?

We encourage you to do your research and shop around for quotes. It’s a pretty costly exercise that’ll stick with you for a long time. So it’s important to get the right panels for the first time around. Common concerns include:

  • Off grid solar systems

  • Working out exactly how many solar panels you need, and what type, depending on your energy needs

  • Whether you need micro inverters to deal with shading

  • Solar quote comparisons

  • Installing your solar panels

  • How to make your solar installation ready for batteries

  • Differences in solar panel brands

  • Solar panel maintenance questions

  • Moving solar heating to make room for solar panels

  • Advice on black solar panels

  • Solar panel quality, for example how to tell if a panel had UV blockers in the EVA

  • Whether you should mix solar panels

Please give us a call or drop in anytime for a chat. Our team will help you work out what you need - and take care of you with a competitive quote.


Solar panels are a long term product and it’s important to choose quality solar panels. That’s why we only offer brands with a reputation for high quality and good post-purchase support. Brands such as:

  • Alpha

  • Eguana

  • Simpliphi

  • Raylite

  • Enirgi

  • Trojan

We’ll head out to you to help you work out what panels will suit. We’ll look at factors such as:

  • Size of your home

  • Energy needs

  • Daily consumption of power during sunlight hours

  • Budget

  • Loading

  • Sun orientation during the day

  • Shading

  • The best angles to capture the most sunlight

  • Need for auxiliary chargers

We’ll help you cut through the brand noise and help you work out what features of a solar panel system are most important for you.

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Solar panel installation

Every purchase comes with recommendations of reliable, experienced installers who can help you work out the best places to set up your solar panels.

Your professional installers will make sure your panels are firmly secured so you’ll never have to worry about the liability, cost, and stress of them flying off like a kite into your neighbour’s backyard.

They’ll also help you with load shifting so you have back up power when your voltage drops.

7 Reasons why solar panels are a good idea

  1. Good availability: we can take advantage of living in a sunny country

  2. Flexibility: can go off-grid (totally self-sufficient), or a mixture of on-grid and off-grid

  3. Reliable: technology is getting better

  4. Clean: pure energy from the sun, no greenhouse gas emissions

  5. Little maintenance: a simple annual check will keep panels running well

  6. Silent: no noise as sunlight converts to energy

  7. Safe: for your peace of mind

Solar panel maintenance

When your solar panel system has been well installed, it will last for years. Like any electricals in your home, it is worth having it checked once a year (and after a major storm or flood). Like your car, good maintenance will keep your solar panels running at its best.

The main issues with solar systems are caused by water, build up of dirty, hail, wind, or even sunlight. A licensed electrician or an accredited solar installer can make sure: 

  • Panels are clean, secure and in good condition

  • Switches are working well

  • No parts, including the wiring insulation has deteriorated or been damaged

  • Cooling vents are clean and not blocked from dirt or insects

  • Battery system storage system is in good order (if part of your system)

TIP: The system should be shut down before anyone gets on the rooftop, gutters, or solar panels. Supply cables running from the panels on the roof to the inverter unit will be live when the solar panels are generating electricity.


There are so many great uses for solar panels. Off-grid, or on-grid, solar panels are a clean, reliable way to power up eco-resorts, schools, traffic lights, and households. Anywhere in the world. From first world countries, to developing countries.

For households:
You may be considering installing solar panels on your roof and would like to future-proof in terms of supplementing it with batteries.

You might be looking to design the system so that there is a reasonable degree of redundancy in case you want to go completely off grid

Or you may be wondering if there is anything special to make the solar installation capable of powering the house during a power outage (when you install batteries).

If you like going off-road, you might even be looking into how you can use solar panels to power up your devices.

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